Tales from College

One of my favorite things to do lately is to peruse my old college theory textbooks, and find pieces that had incredible, breathtaking melodies. Regardless of if they were written for piano, the melody is what I’m really going for.. and then I find it. The perfect piece, with a breathtaking melody (sometimes alongside critical comments made by a music professor). 

This is a gem to me, because I can take it and tell a completely new story with it. Hugo Wolf’s piece, Das verlassene Magdlein, is a perfect example. Written for voice, I arranged it for solo piano with an emphasis on that heartbreaking melody. (Interesting side note, I found the public domain version of the vocal music on imslp.org, arranged it, registered my original work with my PRO, only to be told it wasn’t public domain - they assumed I had just recorded from someone else’s sheet music... thankfully my arrangement was original. Ha, don’t they know I’m hunting and finding Gems from my college notebooks?)

The fun thing for me is that I really don’t know if other people are doing this or not. I like to think I’m doing something new and inventive.. The best reward will be, hopefully, hearing it come life in a tv or film placement. 

When something is of good quality, it can be retold in a new way - and maintain that luster that sublime music has. Next in line is a Bach Chaconne, told by a cathedral pipe organ... 

Hear the piece here!


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