Inspiring Cinematic Piano Trailer- an Adventure in Unknown Territory

Finally it is finished! I decided to take a stab at writing trailer music. If you know of writers like Mark Petrie who as very successful at this then you will know that I am a complete newbie :) 

It's always interesting to take on a new challenge and see how many times you will want to give up along the way. My biggest hurdle was reading about how Mark Petrie had something like 70 tracks for percussion alone, and was talking about his mock-ups and how he uses reverb to place certain instruments further back, the panning needed to put instruments correctly in their place, and then an audio example of what he considers a great trailer... I was blown away. Mine was nothing like that. But I digress... let me just say that creating something that even SOUNDS like trailer music is HARD!!! 

But I'll stand by the fact that I didn't give up, and maybe even a person or two will license it. :) 

For sounds I used Orchestral Essentials 1, Heavyocity and Stylus RMX percussion, and Ivory Piano mixed with Una Corda piano. 

Have a listen here!

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