Christmas Music Program download for teachers and homeschool parents!

The latest project! A ready-made music program for pre-K / Kindergarten. 

Would you like to present a Christmas program to your parents but not sure where to start? How about trying a sweet and fun music program for little ones that includes professionally mixed and mastered backing tracks (mp3 downloads) of the songs! 

All the work has been done for you. As a music teacher, I always struggled with finding ways to accompany my students during programs. I would end up creating CD's myself- and now I've shared that with you! All you have to do is print the program, and practice the songs with your students. The melody in each song is played with the accompaniment, making it especially easy for little ones to sing and stay on pitch. 

This program was created specifically for younger students. The tempos are slower, allowing time for them to sing the words. The Christmas themed lyrics are set to the tune of familiar songs (Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys, Are You Sleeping), allowing them to focus on the words. In addition, the lyrics are repetitive, and have suggested motions for each verse (also helps the kids remember the words). You will have less time taken away from your instruction time- and still be able to present a fabulous music program for parents! A win-win. 

(In addition to music teachers, this can be used by teachers or subs with NO musical experience. You will be able to EASILY teach and present this music program! Put your worries aside and enjoy the fun that presenting a performance can bring.) 

(Not sure about copyright laws? No worries here! All songs are public domain tunes, and the rights to the recordings belong to the creator of this Mini-Christmas Musical (me!). You are free and clear to use these songs in your classroom and in public performances!

Download 'Wheels on the Bus' Christmas song for FREE

Complete program available (3 songs

Preview tracks here!

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