Composer Spotlight - Scott Joplin

The New York Times recently wrote  an article titled ‘Overlooked’, in which they cited the works of ragtime and jazz pianist Scott Joplin. You are probably aware of pieces like The Entertainer and Maple Leaf Rag, but Joplin wrote many more that are worthy of recognition (including an opera!) 

When I was starting off in music licensing, I didn’t know much about which styles of music are more likely to get licensed or placed than others, and how different types of music had different value depending on which library they were placed with. So starting off, I blindly just submitted music I like to play, and one of Joplin’s pieces was the first song I ever sold a license for. It also was the second song I ever secured a placement for, on a show about Vampires nonetheless. (If you are trying to get placements and finally get one, the most fun part (for me) is waiting to see how the supervisor uses the music in the show. Pairing ragtime with a show about vampires was a mystery to me until I saw how they used it as source music coming from a tv the character was watching in the mental hospital. Suddenly it made perfect sense!)

Check out this royalty-free Collection of ragtime music, including some works by Joplin himself. 


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