Collecting Royalties- an iPad and a Growing Excel File

We are on the road - with a 7 day stay with family while our household stuff is in transit. Plenty of time to tend to the paperwork side of music production. In regards to production work, I would say that for me at least 80 percent is office work. Registering songs with the appropriate societies, and keeping track of it all- takes a lot of time, which has lead me to the growing Excel file.

There are music software programs out there designed to help you keep track of your tracks but I have found that making your own Excel file from scratch is the most effective. I can list the titles of each track, which libraries they are in, and then the detour of whether or not the tracks are streaming. Tracks that are only for libraries are pretty straightforward, as you register them with your PRO and then any additional titles you might use for them. Streaming tracks is where it got tricky for me, and I have improved the process with the Excel file. 

Now there are three additional columns for keeping track of the streaming royalties (performance, digital, mechanical). Once I’ve registered the streaming track with BMI for the performance royalties, I can see the ISWC. Then I can register the song with Songtrust, and last can register it with Soundexchange (it’s easy to see the ISRC from within Soundexchange). Do it in that order and from each entity you will have the info to make the next registration. And seeing it all visually in the Excel file makes it easy to see when you’ve missed one. It’s your money (granted, it’s micro cents) so why not collect it? 

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