Bach arrangement placed on One Dollar

So I just got an email from Crucial Music saying my Bach prelude was placed on the show One Dollar last year (that was a long time ago!) Sync placements don't happen all the time but when they do it is always exciting. I quickly looked up the episode and fast-forwarded through until I found the piano - and there it was, playing quietly in the background of a wealthy family's kitchen. Love it! That seems to be the common use, putting classical piano in the background of a more formal/elegant situation as source music. 

What interested me the most about this placement was how much attention the music editors pay to the ending of a song. This one has a longer, drawn-out somber ending, which fit almost exactly to the emotions of the scene. Sometimes the ending is that last thing I pay attention to (!) when learning a piece. 

I arranged this prelude, which is exciting because I got to hear some of my own original work on television instead of just an exact performance of a classical piece. The original Bach prelude is much faster, and is much more 'busier' sounding - it has a left hand pattern that matches the right hand, and is very technical sounding. When I was practicing it I heard a somberness in the music, almost sad but always very 'classy'. So I minimized the left hand, and used it just to support what the right hand was doing, and slowed it way down and added more pedal. The original Bach prelude would have never fit this scene on One Dollar, but my version did! Fun times, very fun times.  Now if only I could get a placement every day. And still waiting for that movie placement! You can check out the clip here

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