Abandoning the Stress of Rules in Music

I was taught to learn and play a piece of music as if it were the sole focus of attention. Classical music can be extremely structured, and can be listened to as a form of entertainment in and of itself. But what if music were more of a backdrop for life, a sort of compliment to what is already going on? 

Classical music is to be played note for note, written exactly as the composer intended- but what about improvisation instead? 

Having studied classical piano for many years, I think I actually have some form of PTSD from it all. There was no room for error, and emphasis on absolute perfection- in front of a live audience, or judges with pencils and detailed forms on exactly how you played... combine that environment with a person who is by nature anxious, and well... it’s not so good. 

While I still like to play classical music (minus the audience), I have come to really enjoy improvisation, in a style of music where there are no rules, no difficult passages, no technicality required.. it is relaxing to play and relaxing to listen to. 


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