Here is a video I composed the music for several years ago. Overdownunder is a suicide prevention and awareness organization in Melbourne, Australia. Very mood-focused music, simple and moving. 

Silent Film Music for Licensing- Classic Sounding Piano Music! 

I was trying to figure out words to describe the sound in this new track 'Silent Film Comedy', and during my search online I found this cool website BLACK-AND-WHITE-MOVIES.COM. Pretty cool... although I can't make it through these movies there is something about them that draws me to their style. It seems like not many composers try to write in this style, and it is fun to create things like this.. more new piano music for licensing!

Robin and Art Munson 

Today I met Art and Robin Munson, well-known music production composers in the industry visiting from LA, in Litchfield CT. The website they run, musiclibraryreport.com, is full of valuable production advice and tips on getting into music libraries. By far one of the best resources I have found online for library musicians. If you want a treasure-trove of tips from professionals and newbies alike, it is well-worth it to join. 

Chopin + Lucious Lyon = WHAT?!! 

Thank you Tanvi Patel, thank you Crucial Music, thank you Universe... (It was a Chopin Etude, and in case you are wondering how that would fit into a show about a hip-hop mogul...read on!)

Check out the track here. It is heard as source music (music played in the background for TV or film, such as music coming from a television or in this case, 'live' music at a cocktail party) when Loretha "Cookie" Lyon makes her way into the elegant, formal party.